I feel a disturbance in the Force … oh, wait, it’s just the Friday Slashback!

Some hope looms amidst all the sage grousing, Harry Reid moves to Henderson and Cox Communications continues to annoy its customers. This can only be the Friday Slashback!

Chef Serrano cherishes memories of Robin Williams

One special week stands out among chef Julian Serrano’s fondest memories of his 25-year friendship with Robin Williams.

There’s little common ground on presidential lawsuit

Nevada’s congressional delegation was divided late last month when the House voted 225-201 to sue President Barack Obama for allegedly violating his constitutional duties by delaying a key provision of the Affordable Care Act.

No stage fright in the bright lights for Mountain Ridge Little League team

Mountain Ridge, The first team in Nevada history to advance to the Little League World Series opened play Thursday night by defeating the Midwest champion from South Dakota 12-2 before 7,928 and an ESPN2 audience.

Signs of trouble for Winston, favored Florida State

It’s not always easy being famous. The curious case of Jameis Winston, the Florida State quarterback and controversial face of college football, is another example.

Arlington Million highlights Saturday card

Martin Panza, the senior vice president of racing operations for the New York Racing Association, stressed the importance of “big event” days while speaking at The Jockey Club Round Table at Saratoga this week.

‘The Giver’ covers familiar territory

“The Giver” takes place in a world without memories. If only audiences could enter that realm for 97 minutes so that the movie wouldn’t feel so very familiar in the wake of other young adult adaptations ranging from “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” to “Ender’s Game” and next month’s “The Maze Runner.”

Du-par’s changes tune about pancakes

Are Du-par’s pancakes the best in the country? I wouldn’t say that, because I haven’t tasted every pancake in the country. But they’re pretty darned good.

Summerlin’s lush landscape irresistible to coyotes

You can’t imagine how I felt when the woman from the Nevada Department of Wildlife said that coyotes live in every state of the continental union.
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