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Housing flip, super-sized

In 2013, GRE Vantage LLC threw caution to the desert wind and surmised that the time was right to flip a flop of a luxury condo project in Henderson. With only a $10 million price tag, it’s easy in hindsight to call GRE’s purchase of Vantage a no-brainer. But stepping into the way-back machine, one can recall that no analyst or expert was doubling down on a Las Vegas condo comeback in early 2013. Quite to the contrary, the housing market contrarians still ruled the land. - See more at:

Spreading the word

Dominic Marrocco has a simple goal — he wants to change the world of commerce.

Through education and mentorship, Marrocco visualizes developing a new generation of entrepreneurs and his base of operation is right here in Las Vegas. - See more at:

Technology in transit

Las Vegas is putting its mark on technology that could shave millions in healthcare costs by monitoring the condition of specimens in transit to a lab.

Marvin Raab, a journalism major who found his way into the technology field, is the Las Vegas-based IT manager and one of the founders of Lab Sensor Solutions. - See more at:

Family in flight

When Elling Halvorson created The Papillon Group, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour company, he never imagined that 50 years later his business would turn into a family affair. - See more at:

SBA myths vs. reaality

SBA 504 loans are a great way to help small businesses purchase, renovate or even build new office space or commercial real estate buildings. The U.S. Small Business Administration’s 504 program offers below-market, fixed-rate financing that allows businesses to keep their working capital and use it to grow. - See more at:
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