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Hilariously wrong 'Deadpool' a labor of twisted, juvenile love

He drops F-bombs and bodies in equal measure. His nonstop snark — "I'm about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the '90s" — makes Iron Man sound as bland as Captain America. And he's briefly shown pleasuring himself while holding a stuffed unicorn.
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'Rock of Ages' still has life at new home in Rio

You can't stop the rock, man. But you can shuffle it off to the Rio and see what happens next.

Owner of famous Vegas chapel started on a whim

Charolette Richards has started more love stories than Nicholas Sparks. But there's nothing fictional about the couples whose tales begin at the Little White Chapel in downtown Las Vegas.

HBO rock drama 'Vinyl' moves like Jagger

It must be what "Boardwalk Empire" would have been like if, instead of making Al Capone a supporting character, Martin Scorsese and writer Terence Winter had dug up the syphilitic mobster, reanimated him and allowed him to help shape the series.

5 Las Vegas restaurants to try this week

You can celebrate Valentine's Day with your love bird without breaking the bank. The year's second sandwich of the month at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is the Love Bird, which is crispy fried chicken topped with cheesy truffle sweet-potato fries, lettuce, tomato and truffle mayo. It's $8.50 at the restaurant in Downtown Summerlin.

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