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Metro: 2 dead, 2 wounded in west valley shooting

Two people were shot dead at an apartment complex in the west valley Tuesday night, and two others were hospitalized with gunshot wounds, Las Vegas police said.
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Las Vegas hospital sends miscarried fetuses out with laundry

Workers at a Henderson laundry were startled Tuesday morning to find 16-week-old fetuses in linen from an area hospital.

Boy dies after getting stuck in automatic gate

North Las Vegas police said an 8-year-old boy died Tuesday night after his head got stuck in an automatic gate.

Air Force veteran fired 23 shots before he was killed by police

The man killed by a Metro sniper on Feb. 25 fired 23 rounds from an assault rifle during the two hour standoff, Las Vegas police said during a press conference Tuesday.

Lion Habitat Ranch in danger of shut down

A little east of Las Vegas Boulevard, not far from the M Resort, sits a six-acre taste of the wild that’s home to 46 lions, plus ostriches, emus and a giraffe. For now, anyway.

New systems create frustrations for all at DMV

You don’t need a tank of gas and a map to drive to the nearest local Department of Motor Vehicles office. There are plenty of them in Southern Nevada.

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