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More than TV ads needed to fight margins tax battle

One of the most expensive ballot fights in Nevada history is fully involved this month as groups vie for the hearts and minds, but most importantly the votes, of Nevadans over a measure that would impose a tax on business to fund public education, but the fate of Question 3 might not be determined by spending on television ads alone.
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New Nevada DNA swab law sees little pushback

A Nevada law that requires DNA samples be taken from every person arrested on a felony charge — and criticized by civil rights groups as an invasion of privacy — has seen surprisingly little pushback in the four months it’s been in practice.

Lantern festival marred by hours-long bus woes

Saturday night’s Rise Lantern Festival was two hours of awe followed by nearly four hours of transportation woes at Jean Dry Lake.

Coffin fears Las Vegas medical pot lawsuits

Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin worries that medical marijuana entrepreneurs might decide to sue of the city after it changed the way it plans to pick winning applicants to open legal pot dispensaries and grow houses.

Same-sex marriage separates Jones, Harris

Nevada state Sen. Justin Jones and challenger Becky Harris have a record of widely contrasting views on gay marriage, which became even more clear after the Oct. 7 federal court ruling tossing out the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Auto dealers slowly embracing report of sale program

Southern Nevada auto dealers are belatedly embracing the state’s new Electronic Dealer Report of Sale program, just as the Department of Motor Vehicles ramps up its enforcement of the program, promising fines for noncompliance.

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