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Rubio smacks political establishment at Las Vegas rally

Voters can preserve the American dream, but only if they're willing to bring some new blood to the country's political establishment, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio told a throng of receptive retirees at a Las Vegas rally Thursday night.
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Group blames chronic disease for health care costs, calls for candidate action

A new statewide coalition has been formed to get the country's presidential candidates to focus on chronic disease as the real driver of increasing health care costs.

Paul Ryan pushed to run for speaker of the House

Rep. Paul Ryan has repeatedly indicated he is not running for speaker of the House, even as heavy hitters --- including retiring Speaker John Boehner -- urge him to reconsider.

EDITORIAL: College speech crackdowns

American universities are notoriously hostile to free speech — even student speech that occurs off campus. A recent court ruling in Kansas marked an important victory for student rights, but the decision doesn't go far enough to rein in unconstitutional policies that infringe on core student freedoms.

SEBELIUS: Bombast aside, Trump's not wrong on everything

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came to town Thursday, insulted most of his rivals, bashed the media, called the current crop of American leaders incompetent and promised to make America great again. Again.

SMITH: Jobless rate huge, Trump guesses

Republican Party presidential front-runner Donald Trump wowed a capacity crowd Thursday at TI's Mystere Theater. He also said the current unemployment rate in America is higher than in the depths of the Great Depression, when it soared to 25 percent. The current unemployment rate hovers around 5.5 percent, and even those who scoff at its accuracy only estimate it is perhaps twice that high.

COMMENTARY: POWER Act helps businesses raise efficiencies

When it comes to our nation's energy policies, we can and we must invest in the kinds of innovation and technologies that will conserve our precious energy resources, protect consumers and businesses from volatile energy markets, and preserve our environment for future generations.

LETTER: McDonald's baggage worth pointing out

Virginia Starrett's letter accuses Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith of hating Republicans, questions his education and accuses him of smearing the reputation of Michael McDonald, present chairman of the fractured Nevada Republican Party ("Sour on Smith," Tuesday Review-Journal). Ms. Starrett states that Mr. McDonald is "knee-deep" in local leadership experience, due to many of the positions he has held.

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