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Las Vegas schools claws back $23,000 from double-dip administrator

High-ranking Clark County schools official Bramby Tollen has repaid the district for claiming paid medical leave last summer while she was actually working for a school district in Washington state.
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High court ruling favors Henderson mayor

The Nevada Supreme Court rejected an attempt to remove Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen from office Wednesday.

Nevada rules for immigrant benefits are gray area

While details are emerging about what kinds of federal benefits might be available to immigrants covered by President Barack Obama’s recent executive order, the rules surrounding state benefits in Nevada remain murky.

Driver who believes she killed man pushing toddler in stroller will surrender, lawyer says

A woman who believes she was the driver in a hit and run crash that killed a 63-year-old man while he pushed his granddaughter in a stroller Monday is planning to turn herself in to Las Vegas police, according to a lawyer.

2 Las Vegas West Point cadets give thanks, spread the word

A couple of West Point cadets at home in Las Vegas say their vision for giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day is focused on being with their families and getting a chance to spread the word to high school students about opportunities at the prestigious military academy.

EDITORIAL: Well, isn’t that special?

Many judges, administrators and prosecutors who run downtown’s federal courthouse have nothing but contempt for the public. So it was quite appropriate this month when, in response to a brave U.S. magistrate’s criticism of authorities’ increasing preference for “super-sealing” — the filing of court documents and actions in complete secrecy, with no notice to anyone involved — officials decided to rename the practice. They did not reform it. They did not rescind it. They renamed it “special processing.”

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