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FBI investigating hack into Democratic National Committee emails

The FBI said Monday it is investigating how thousands of Democratic National Committee emails were hacked, a breach that Hillary Clinton’s campaign maintains was committed by Russia to benefit Donald Trump.
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Sanders supporters boo Clinton’s name at Democratic convention

PHILADELPHIA — The start of the Democratic National Convention got off to a start Monday that laid bare the fault lines between the camps supporting presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Delegates backing Sanders booed at times throughout the Philadelphia arena when speakers mentioned Clinton.

Nevada party officials, delegates call for unity at Democratic National Convention — PHOTOS

Nevada party officials and state delegates to the Democratic National Convention want to avoid making the four-day event about the Wikileaks-driven release of hacked emails.

Immigration activist files police report against Joe Heck aide after protest

A local activist filed a police report against a member of U.S. Rep. Joe Heck’s staff claiming she was assaulted while she filmed the congressman leaving an appearance Wednesday morning.

How’s the swag? Depends on the political party

You can tell a lot about a political party by what it puts in the swag bag.

EDITORIAL: Green subsidies

A New York Times report last week notes that global warming hawks may actually be contributing to the problem with their relentless drive for renewable energy. Eduardo Porter, an economic columnist for the Times, writes that taxpayer handouts to wind and solar interests are shoving nuclear out of the picture, which could ultimately lead to an increase in carbon emissions.

ROAD WARRIOR: Concrete steps toward building state’s second busiest interchange

Anyone who’s driven on the north side of town has probably noticed the ongoing construction of the Centennial Bow, the $47 million project, with the numerous daily detours, a small army of construction workers swarming the work site and towering cranes swinging into action on a daily basis. But what does it take to hoist those ridiculously huge slabs of concrete 60 feet above ground, ultimately creating a 2,500-foot-long flyover bridge linking the westbound 215 Beltway to southbound U.S. Highway 95?

LETTERS: State GOP leaders should have been in Cleveland

I could not agree more with Dave Mesker’s July 19 letter “No-shows” about the failure of Gov. Brian Sandoval and Republican members of the Nevada congressional delegation to attend the GOP convention.

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