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Emergency roundup ordered for starving horses near Las Vegas

Federal authorities announced plans Friday to round up as many as 200 wild horses to save them from starvation in the mountains outside of Las Vegas.
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Heck: Immigration reform talks should include birthright citizenship

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Thursday that birthright citizenship should be on the table in the broader dialogue about immigration reform.

Health district official walks out amid tensions over restaurant inspections

Disagreement over how restaurants are being regulated boiled over at a Southern Nevada Health District board meeting Thursday with an official offering her resignation and walking out after she was criticized by her staff.

Las Vegas anti-tax petitioners file pre-emptive lawsuit

Backers of an initiative petition seeking to quash a $1.4 billion tax package passed by the 2015 Legislature have filed a pre-emptive lawsuit asking a judge to declare that the referendum does not violate the single-subject rule before supporters begin gathering signatures to put it on the ballot.

Jeb Bush is fighting back against Trump

Jeb Bush used to say he didn't want to get into a food fight with Donald Trump. Now he's the one doing the slinging.

Biden deciding if he has 'heart and soul' into run for president

Vice President Joe Biden, in his first publicly aired comments on a possible presidential candidacy, told fellow Democrats on Wednesday he was trying to decide whether he could give "my whole heart and my whole soul" to a run for the White House.

EDITORIAL: Labor groups, health insurance a toxic mix

Political ideology, union cronyism and health insurance don't mix. Nevada Health CO-OP is shutting down at year's end, and the Clark County Teachers Health Trust might not survive past 2016. The common denominator in the collapse of the nonprofit health plans that cover thousands of local families: labor groups collecting big money to run a business they have no business operating

LETTER: Market succumbs to dumb economic policies

We are now seeing the result of socialist political policies with regard to the stock market. Between the end of last week and Monday morning, we saw a loss of almost 10 percent of the market. Yes, it is due in great part to the events in China and the Pacific Rim, but it is also due to the incredibly stupid economic policies of the United States.

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