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State's first US 95 electric car charging station opens in Beatty

The first of four electric car charging stations along U.S. Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Reno has opened and sites have been identified for the other three.
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Nevada legislators to study taxicabs' governing bodies

Since its creation by the Legislature five years ago, the Legislative Commission's Sunset Subcommittee has recommended the ax for a number of outdated or inactive boards and commissions, finding that their missions were no longer relevant or could be delegated to other agencies.

Nevada's only sanctuary church protects father of 2 from deportation

Nevada's only sanctuary church has already protected one person living in the country illegally who was facing imminent deportation.

Reid criticizes Sandoval on Anaconda Copper Mine

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, after chastising his Republican colleagues for doing nothing to help the "poisoned" children of Flint, Michigan, again turned to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and a major environmental issue at home.

EDITORIAL: Proposed minimum wage hike a youth jobs killer

The youth unemployment rate in Nevada, for workers age 16-24, was 13.1 percent in the most recent 12-month rolling average, according to statistics from the Nevada Department of Employment. That's more than double the state's standard unemployment rate of 6.4 percent. Further, Nevada's teen unemployment — for 16- to 19-year-olds — is a whopping 20.6 percent, according to the Employment Policies Institute's MinimumWage.com tracker. About the worst thing Nevada could do for young people seeking work is increase the minimum wage. But that's exactly what could happen this November.

ROAD WARRIOR: There are laws, rules for sharing the road with bicyclists

There are reminders everywhere that encourage us to "share the road." But some motorists out there seem to be oblivious that bicyclists exist, or that they should share the road with them. Meanwhile, there are bicyclists on our streets who feel they're entitled to much more than just sharing.

LETTERS: Accountability, safety divider needed for Beltway construction

How are Clark County officials able to forgive themselves for another death on the northern 215 Beltway, where construction is ongoing and no one has put up a safety divider? ("Head-on collision on beltway kills two," Tuesday Review-Journal). Isn't it the responsibility of the construction company to provide barriers?

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