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Free speech advocates oppose bill to weaken Nevada’s SLAPP law

A bill that proponents say would bring balance to a law protecting the free speech rights of critics from punitive and meritless defamation lawsuits was opposed Friday by representatives of the press and other First Amendment advocates.
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SEIU, county talks still frozen as state eyes collective bargaining reform

Clark County government and its largest union remain locked in a standoff, unable to bargain a contract, as the Nevada Legislature considers a bill that would reform collective bargaining.

Wolfson: Weak case, not politics, lead to pass on perjury charge

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson rejects charges that he went easy on a fellow Democrat who was indicted after Republican attorney general took up the case.

EDITORIAL: School district breakup long overdue

Finally, the arguments for preserving the Nevada education system’s dismal status quo have been quieted. Lawmakers have reached a consensus that, in addition to targeted increases in funding, public schools must undergo a radical makeover to improve student performance.

SMITH: Will Assembly serve the elite or the masses?

It’s not exactly news that the opinion of the masses doesn’t always carry weight at the Legislature against the whims and wishes of Nevada’s monied elite. Nor is Nevada’s status as a state under increasing corporate control a shock to anyone who has been paying attention. But there are times when an action on behalf of the few is so audacious that it cuts through the general malaise of the jaded citizenry. The legislative push on behalf of Wynn Resorts’ Senate Bill 444, which effectively guts Nevada’s anti-Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation law, constitutes one of those times.

SEBELIUS: Will 4th District be Latino battleground?

If 2016 is going to be the year of the Latino, then the Democratic primary in Congressional District 4 just became ground zero.

LETTER: Yucca a dangerous waste of money

Here we go again. We start thinking the Yucca Mountain Project is dead, and a band of congressmen led by Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois uses its Easter recess to try to resurrect it (“Yucca Mountain gets yet another look,” April 10 Review-Journal). These elected officials are just looking to dump their benefactor-driven toxic waste in our backyard while couching it as an “investment in Nevada.”

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